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Diffpack is an object-oriented C++ framework for modeling and solving full size industrial partial differential equations (PDEs). Diffpack can seamlessly be integrated with existing or future applications. With support for human abstraction and independence of industry niches and application areas Diffpack gives the modeler shorter development cycles and reduced man costs.

Diffpack is based on the latest developments in Object-Oriented Numerics. For customers this means unsurpassed modeling flexibility while satisfying the strictest demand for computational efficiency.

There are more then 230 Diffpack users in more than 30 countries, including major industrial enterprises, consulting companies, software vendors, research institutions and universities in such diverse areas as oil and gas, mechanical engineering, telecommunication, medicine and finance.

TOMLAB Optimization Inc is an authorized reseller of Diffpack in the nordic countries. To order Diffpack please contact or one of our offices.

Diffpack's homepage can be found at