TOMLAB /AMPL v2.0 is an interface to optimization problems formulated in AMPL. The current interface includes the following features:

Main features

  • Automatically detects the problem type. All problem types have been integrated in one assign statement.
  • Makes the AMPL names used for variables and constraints available in Matlab.
  • The user can write a solution file to AMPL so that the solution can be viewed in the original format.
  • The user can assign the problems as sparse or dense directly through the interface.
  • Uses the standard AMPL nl-file format as input file.
  • The problems are assigned to a standardized format, making all TOMLAB solvers available for your AMPL problems.
  • TOMLAB offers the following number of solvers for your AMPL problems. Example solvers are in brackets:

    LP: 36 (LP-MINOS)
    MILP: 10 (CPLEX)
    QP: 27 (SNOPT)
    NLP: 17 (NPSOL)
    MINLP: 5 (minlpBB)