The TOMLAB /NPSOL toolbox efficiently integrates well-known solvers developed by the Stanford Systems Optimization Laboratory (SOL) with Matlab and TOMLAB.

The toolbox includes:

  • The dense general constrained nonlinear solver NPSOL®,
  • The dense constrained linear least squares and convex quadratic program solver LSSOL and
  • The dense constrained nonlinear least squares solver NLSSOL, based on NPSOL®.
  • Read more about the above mentioned SOL solvers, as well as the TOMLAB /MINOS solvers MINOS, QPOPT and LPOPT in the TOMLAB /NPSOL User's Guide.
  • TOMLAB /NPSOL includes all Matlab code and solvers that are part of TOMLAB /MINOS, see the description of TOMLAB /MINOS.

Main features

  • The codes are implemented to efficiently handle Matlab sparse arrays.
  • It is easy to use warm starts for the solvers, and further speed up sequences of optimization problems.
  • NPSOL has been used intensively in control applications because of its speed and robustness.
  • LSSOL, NPSOL and NLSSOL all may be used as sub problem solvers for other TOMLAB solvers.
  • NPSOL and NLSSOL may estimate derivatives internally, faster than using one of the six TOMLAB methods.
NPSOL® is a registered Trademark of Stanford University