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TOMLAB /GUROBI is the latest and fastest in high-performance multi-core/cpu computing for large-scale linear, integer and quadratic optimization in MATLAB. The more CPUs and cores available on the computer, the faster the software will normally run!
All license types include no restrictions on the number of cores or shared-memory CPUs, i.e. it is always parallel for binary/integer models.

A trial version of TOMLAB /GUROBI is available for download (no restrictions).

Tomlab Optimization recommends the user to send larger examples to for benchmark tests, solution statistics and tuning for faster speed or less memory requirement.

Features and capabilities

  • Simplex LP solvers (primal and dual) with advanced pre-solve capabilities.
  • Infeasibility (LP and MIP) and sensitivity analysis (LP only).
  • Mixed-binary/integer programming with a variety of cut options and heuristics. Special order sets (type 1 and 2), semi-continuous and semi-integer variables are supported. A known solution can also be provided.
  • Deterministic solution process, i.e. it will always generate the same results when using the same number of CPUs.
  • Full control in MATLAB of all TOMLAB /GUROBI parameters and status variables.
  • Fully sparsified code, capable of handling large, sparse problems.
  • A variety of example files included (GUROBI is the default LP and MILP solver in TOMLAB).
  • Integrated with the TOMLAB modeling environment (standard mode and tomSym models). GUROBI can be used as subproblem solver under any configuration.
  • TOMLAB /GUROBI is available for Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32/64-bit.

Coming capabilities

  • Simplex QP solver (included with GUROBI-MILP).
  • Barrier solver for LP, QP (and with quadratic constraints). Also included with GUROBI-MILP
  • MIQP and MIQQ solver. Included with GUROBI full version.

Toolbox Options

For commercial use, there are many different solver and license options. The GUROBI solver is always included and has no CPU or core restrictions.

  • TOMLAB /GUROBI - CLUSTER: Cluster licenses are available for all options below. This license type allows for execution on large-scale cluster environments (HPC, Star-P and more) where the solver can also utilize the full number of cores/CPUs per cluster node.
  • TOMLAB /GUROBI: Efficiently solves mixed-integer linear and quadratic programming (MILP, MIQP), and linear and quadratic programming (LP, QP), with simplex or barrier solvers. Quadratic constraints are also supported (MIQQ).
    This options have not been released yet (coming features).
  • TOMLAB /GUROBI MILP: solves linear and quadratic programming problems (LP,QP) with simplex or barrier solvers; and also mixed-integer linear programming problems (MILP). Note: The barrier solver has not yet been released.
  • TOMLAB /GUROBI LP: solves linear programming problems (LP) with a simplex and barrier solver. Note: The barrier solver has not yet been released.
  • TOMLAB /GUROBI MEX: The TOMLAB /GUROBI MEX interface for customers with a standalone GUROBI license. The solver capacity is dependent on the user's own GUROBI license.
  • Academic use: The full (and also cluster license) TOMLAB /GUROBI and the TOMLAB /GUROBI MEX are available.


  • MATLAB 6.5 or later

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