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All prices in the table are without TUSC (Tomlab Upgrade and Support Contract). For more info about TUSC see below.

A valid license for TOMLAB /BASE is needed for all toolbox options, except TOMLAB /MAD. A low cost /BASE module (/miniBase) is available for users only running /PENSDP, /PENBMI, /GENO or /GP.

The price list in USD ($); applies, except for the European countries where the price list in Euro (€) applies.

* = prices are available by email or in the webshop.

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Server 1 socket
Server 2 sockets
Server 4 sockets

*For price information and discounts for several units, please contact
License types

Each single-use license allows the product to be run in any number of simultaneous processes, on one designated computer by one designated user and userid. Sharing a userid to permit more than one user to access a single-use license is expressly disallowed by the license agreement.

Each server license allows the product to be run by any number of users in any number of simultaneous processes, on one designated computer. A "socket" denotes one processor chip having any number of cores; the single-socket (1 socket), dual-socket (2 sockets), and quad-socket (4 sockets) prices apply to computers having respectively one, two, and four processor chips.

License files for more than one operating system

Every Tomlab license is valid for one operating system, selectable.

To allow work on several operating systems, a personal or multi-user license may be expanded with price discount 40% for the second operating system and 60% for the third operating system.

TUSC - Tomlab Upgrade and Support Contract

Tomlab Optimization's upgrade and support contract, TUSC, entitles you to: access to optimization software experts to solve reported problems; software enhancements, improvements and updates; and new versions of your Tomlab toolboxes as they are released. TUSC is compulsory for server licenses.

TUSC is available at a yearly rate of 20% of the current list price, payable in advance. TUSC cover must be continuous from the purchase date, and must be renewed within 30 days of expiry to qualify for this rate. If a license has not been covered continuously by TUSC, and you wish to purchase backdated TUSC to bring TUSC up to date, or TUSC is renewed more than 30 days after expiry, the cost is 25% of the current list price per year, backdated to when TUSC lapsed. If TUSC has lapsed by more than three years, customers may instead trade in their existing license for an 25% discount.

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