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1  Introduction

1.1  Overview

TOMLAB /Xpress includes an embedded license for XpressMP and the TOMLAB interfaces developed as part of the package.

The interface between XpressMP , Matlab and TOMLAB has been designed at two layers. The first layer gives direct access from Matlab to XpressMP , via calling one Matlab function that calls a pre-compiled DLL (or lib in Unix) that defines and runs the problem in XpressMP . The second layer is a Matlab function that takes the input in the TOMLAB format, and calls the first layer function. On return the function creates the output in the TOMLAB format.

XpressMP has a whole set of callback routines. There is one predefined Matlab routine for each callback. The user is in control of which ones to use, and should add his own code in Matlab for each callback. As default only the User Output Callback is called, that prints Error and Warning messages.

1.2  Contents of this Manual

Read carefully Section 2 on how to install the interface. Section 3 gives the basic information needed to run the Matlab interface. The more advanced feature, using callbacks, is described in Section 4. Some Matlab test routines are included, described in Section 5 (non-TOMLAB format) and Section 6 (TOMLAB format). All Matlab routines are described in Appendix A.

1.3  Prerequisite

In this manual we assume that the user is familiar with XpressMP TOMLAB and the Matlab language.

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