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5  Test Routines in Non-Tomlab Format

A set of test routines have been defined illustrating the use of the xpress main routine. The test routines and utilities are shown in Table 3.

It is easy to call the test routines, e.g.
x = xptest1;
x = xptest2;
x = xptest3;
will call the three routines solving GAP problems. The xpaircrew test problem has no input parameters, just call:
The knapsack test routine runs three test examples. It is possible to change the cut strategy (third input parameter) and whether to use the knapsack heuristic in the callback routine xpcb_gl (second input parameter). To run the second test example, using the simple knapsack heuristic, and aggressive cuts, the call is
The first parameter selects the test problem. Calling without any parameters
is the same as the call

Table 3: The test routines and utilities.

Function Description Section
abc2gap Utility to convert a Generalized Assignment Problem (GAP) to standard form for XpressMP . B.2
xpbiptest Test of three large binary integer linear problems. C.2
xpiptest Test of three large integer linear problems. C.3
xpknaps Test of knapsack problems. C.6
xptest1 Test of a Generalized Assignment Problem (GAP). C.8
xptest2 Test of the same GAP problem as xptest1, but using sos1 variables. C.9
xptest3 Test of a Generalized Assignment Problem (GAP). C.10

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