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TOMLAB Embedded

Tomlab Optimization has helped customers embed solvers in a variety of systems. Please refer to our customer examples. To find the solver that works best for your needs we recommend that you download TOMLAB and go through the procedure described below. A no-limitation demo license will be provided for your evaluation needs.

  1. Define your problem in MATLAB by using the TOMLAB tools applicable to your area of optimization. This will create a standardized problem structure to work with.
  2. By using the TOMLAB driver routine, tomRun, evaluate every solver that can potentially solve your problem. The routine will automatically make sure that the solvers have the correct format.
  3. Exclude the solvers that do not perform or cannot solve the problem.
  4. Tune the solvers, add problem patterns, and make sure that the tolerance levels are equivalent.
  5. Continue to evaluate the solvers, and select the one that fit your needs.

Tomlab Optimization offers full support during the evaluation period and will make sure that you get off to a running start. We are flexible with licensing and system design. We will let you make the decisions and adapt to meet the requirements of your situation.

Please email for further information..

Please view the TOMLAB products ,and determine which solvers you want to evaluate.

A demo license of TOMLAB can be downloaded if you register.

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