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About Tomlab
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TOMLAB Features
  • More than 100 algorithms for different types of optimization.
  • Fully sparsified code, capable of handling large, sparse problems. The codes are implemented to efficiently handle Matlab sparse arrays.
  • Automatic differentiation is integrated in TOMLAB by using the MAD toolbox. TOMLAB /MAD is an add-on toolbox distributed by Tomlab Optimization.
  • Six numerical differentiation methods, selectable. The standard difference approach, four different spline methods (three of these requires the Spline Toolbox), and one approach based on complex variables.
  • Compilable with MathWorks MCC. Standalone and embedded applications are easily created.
  • Tomlab standalone licenses are available for redistribution of Tomlab in standalone applications.
  • The tomSym class may be used as a code generator. It creates highly optimized m-files.
  • Advanced use of structures for input and output, making is possible to define the user problem once, and use all suitable solvers suitable to solve the problem.
  • Single problems are solved from the Matlab command line by using the Tomlab Format in a few lines.
    Driver routines tomRun and tomSolve can be used to call any solver.
    Example files are included for all areas of optimization.
  • Easy to use Tomlab solvers as black-box routines.
  • Robust solution of ill-conditioned nonlinear least squares problems with linear constraints using several different solver options.
  • Special treatment of exponential fitting and other types of nonlinear parameter estimation problems.
    Unique algorithms for finding initial values and solving exponential fitting problems.
  • For more information, see the description of each of the different products.

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