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1  Introduction

1.1  Overview

Welcome to the TOMLAB /MINLP User's Guide. TOMLAB /MINLP includes a suite of 4 solvers in dense and sparse version and interfaces between The MathWorks' MATLAB and the MINLP solver package. The solver package includes the following solvers:

bqpd - For sparse and dense linear and quadratic programming (nonconvex).

filterSQP - For sparse and dense linear, quadratic and nonlinear programming.

minlpBB - For sparse and dense mixed-integer linear, quadratic and nonlinear programming.

miqpBB - For sparse and dense mixed-integer linear and quadratic.

Please visit http://tomopt.com/tomlab/products/minlp/ for more information.

The interface between TOMLAB /MINLP, Matlab and TOMLAB consists of two layers. The first layer gives direct access from Matlab to MINLP, via calling one Matlab function that calls a pre-compiled MEX file (DLL under Windows, shared library in UNIX) that defines and solves the problem in MINLP. The second layer is a Matlab function that takes the input in the TOMLAB format, and calls the first layer function. On return the function creates the output in the TOMLAB format.

1.2  Contents of this Manual

  • Section 2 gives the basic information needed to run the Matlab interface.

  • Section 3 provides all the solver references for bqpd, filterSQP, minlpBB, and miqpBB.

  • Section 4 presents the fields used in the special structure Prob.DUNDEE.

1.3  Prerequisites

In this manual we assume that the user is familiar with MINLP, TOMLAB and the Matlab language.

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