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Introduction to TOMLAB Models

The TOMLAB Problem bundle is a collection of problems. These examples can be used as templates for customer specific problems as well as solver benchmarking.

Part I, testprob contains 750+ problems showing the broad spectrum of problems available to the TOMLAB solvers. The source code is available after installing the TOMLAB distribution (tomlab/testprob).

Part II, modellib, is a model library where the problems are described in a human-readable format with words, tables and figures. Each problem has been translated into the standard TOMLAB Prob-format. The problems in this part are mainly of the Linear Programming and Mixed Integer Programming classes with applications in the fields of Mining and Processing, Scheduling, Planning, Loading and Cutting, Ground transport, Air transport, Telecommunication, Economics, Timetabling and Public Services. The source code is available in tomlab/modellib.

Part III, references to additional downloads from the TOMLAB downloads page: http://tomopt.com/tomlab/download/manuals.php.

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